Frequently asked questions about help and game problems.

What did I need to play?

+1. Can I play on a mobile device?

Yes. In addition to logging on to the website: Petcrypto.org, you can play anywhere and anytime using the Petcrypto game application on your mobile phone. Currently, we have updated the game to almost all different operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows.

+2. Can I log in from multiple computers?

No. If you sign in from another computer, your account on the computer you signed in from before will automatically log out.

+3. What browser can I use to ensure game speed?

Currently, all browsers when you log in are guaranteed game speed.

Buying/Selling? And How to play?

+1. How many ways to buy Pet 0 gene dog?

Buy from the issuer or from other players via the market.

+2. How many types of 0 genes Pet are there? Based on what characteristics to distinguish? And the features of each Pet?

Based on some specific characteristics such as genetic code, gender, color preferences, lifetime, pairing time, .... divided into 4 types main Pet:
- POW mining dog: the ability to mine coins for daily money for you.
- POS saving dog: store and produce finance for you.
- SEC protection dog: the main function is to protect your dog against risks, in addition, to being a dog capable of generating finances using coin mining tools, separating.
- ATK Hound: the ability to hunt and from then earn coins, items, even other dogs.

In addition to the 4 above the 0 gene dogs, in the pairing process, many other dogs will be created with different functions based on the characteristics of the parents dog.

+3. How to play Pet?

Your dog will perform the following daily activities:
- Eat
- Bath and toilet
- Play
- Go to work

+4. How can I buy Pet items? And how to use them?

Buy from in-game shops or from players who trade with each other. (See more about this in the Player's Guide)

+5. How do I know when my dog is hungry?

On the Pet display, display a blood tube showing hunger index, including:
- Green (6-10 points): Your dog is full.
- Yellow (1-5 points): Your dog is very hungry.
- Red: your dog needs an emergency and is about to die.
Every 2-3 hours will reduce 1-3 index and will affect the growth index, so please always feed your dog.
You can use the automatic feeding mode to replace manual mode when you are busy to make sure your dog always has ready food.

+6. How do I know when my dog needs bathing and hygiene?

The dog's hygiene needs are after 2-3 days. And also similarly, there will be a blood tube that displays this index on the display. Every 24 hours, will lose 3 indexes.
The bath and toilet tube drops yellow, which means your dog is dirty and will affect your health score. So use a bath soap quickly (buy from the market), immediately bathe your dog to be fragrant and clean.

+7. How to work?

When your dog reaches level 2, there will be a working mode.
Working time is 12 hours/time. If during your work your dog is hungry, the process will stop until you feed your dog.
You can go to the market to buy items to make your dog strengthen and add points: Shovel, clothes, energy drinks, safes, ... and protection barriers.
Particularly for SEC protection dog, the protective function will always be activated even if it is not working.

+8. How can I entertain my dog?

You can go to the market and buy toys like balls and let your dog relax. Of course, you will also earn points when doing these activities.

+9. What can I trade with other players?

Dogs and items.

+10. How to trade?

Each dog and item will have its own ID code.
Sellers post items/dogs on the market. Then set the selling price. You can choose:
- Public sale: any person on the trading market will see items/dogs and can buy it.
- Sell specified: You must set the ID and password of the dog/item. Send the ID and password to the buyer you specified. Then make the transaction.

+11. If I don't want to sell on the market, can the issuer buy it again? And what is the valuation based on?

The issuer will rely on the index of specials, health, dynamism to value your dog. And in some cases, the issuer will not repurchase:
- Your dog is not a 0 gene dog.
- Your dog is not level 2, level 3, level 4.
- One of the two dynamism and health index below 85 will not be purchased.
- One of the two dynamism and health index below 80 will never be priced and purchased by the issuer anymore.


+1. To get involved, what requirements do my dogs need? And how long does the pairing take?

Your dog only needs to reach level 3 and the health index must be above 85.
Time of pairing of a purebred dog is 3-5 days. And the time when purebred bitches produce puppies after the pairing period is 7-10 days. In addition, for the remaining dogs, this time will be longer.
After pairing, your dog will lose 30 health index, after giving birth 50 health index.
And note, when you're in the middle of a pairing, your dog will not be able to perform any other actions and especially enough food for the dog during that time.

+2. If my dog is male, what should I do?

You just need to list the price of pairing on the market and wait for the other person to hire the dog, then receive the pairing fee from the bitch owner.

+3. If my dog is a bitch, what should I do?

You will go to the love market and look for the right male dog, click on the pair. Depending on the cost of listing the male dog to pay for the pairing fee.

+4. How much is the pairing fee?

Pairing fee is 5% if, under $50, it will be deducted $3/time.


+1. Where do I find out about game updates?

Where do I find out about game updates?
We discuss all the events, changes happening on our website: Petcrypto.org and official social channels, including new product creation, policy changes, and new version updates, and etc. You can access our website at any time from the link at the top of the website.
You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter, you will actively know all the new news from us.

+2. How do I contact the CryptoPet team?

You can contact us at [email protected] or through social channels.