1.     How to buy a dog and start playing - This is very easy. Follow me, let's start.

Step 1: You access the website: https://petcrypto.org

-          To register, enter your email,                       

After that, your email login has registered to confirm and update the password.


-          To register, you only need to enter your email information and password.

Step 2: After you enter the main interface, select "Order Now".

Then a folder appears, please select the payment method, which can be ADC, USDA, BTC, ETH.


(The exchange rate will appear accordingly when you select the payment coin).

Please enter the promo code to enjoy the issuer's policy (if any).

Select ODER, you have completed the process of buying dogs. Confirmation will be sent to you immediately, you already have a 0 gene dog.


The issuer will send "0 gene dog ownership certificate" and "commit to buy the 0 gene dog from the issuer" into your email.


2. How to deposit - withdraw money in Petcrypto.

You can deposit to buy dogs, buy items, .... or withdraw money to your wallet, as well as transfer money to other players on Petcrypto.

Log in to the main interface: Petcrypto.org, select the folder "Wallet".


-          Deposit:

To deposit money into your account, select "Deposit", then select the type of money you want to deposit.


After that, either use scanning QR code (1), or wallet address (2), to deposit.


-          Withdraw

To withdraw, you select "WITHDRAW", then select the currency you want to transfer ADC, BTC, ETH, USDA. You need to fill in some information:

+        Wallet address (1)

+        The number you want to withdraw (2)

             The system will automatically show the total number you withdraw in total (3), including 3% of fees.


Finally, select "SUBMIT" to finish the withdraw process.


-          Transfer

In Petcrypto, you can transfer money to internal IDs (belonging to Petcrypto) using ADC or USDA in the TRANSFER field.


Similarly, you choose the type of money to transfer, then fill in the information:

+        The ID of the member you want to transfer money to (1).

+        The number you want to transfer (2)

            The system will automatically convert to USD (3).

            Select "TRANSFER" to complete the process.

-          HISTORY: You can review all of your transaction history in this section.

In addition, Petcrypto as a miniature trading platform, you can trade on it with different price pairs.



3. Instructions for buying dogs, items and performing activities on the system page:

To perform the above 2 sections, after logging into the system page, select "GAME".



To buy dogs and items, you continue to choose "SHOP".

Select "DOG" - to buy dogs or "ITEM" - to buy items.


Example of buying a dog:

After selecting "DOG", the type of dog will appear, you select the type of dog to buy, press the buy icon on the right of the screen.


Finally select "ODER" to complete the purchase process.

And the process of buying "ITEM" is similar.


To check the dog or item you just bought, go to the "MY PET" section, and you can do activities such as feeding, bathing, playing, working right here without visiting the game page.

Click on the "My Pet" section, your dogs will appear with health status, feeding index, shower index, the play index will appear on the right side of the screen, depending on the status of the dog for you choose to take action.



Example: Your dog is hungry, you will feed your dog as follows:

First, select the "EAT" icon of the dog you want to feed, the existing foods will appear, press the "USE" food you want to use.


So complete the feeding process.

The process of bathing, playing, working is similar.